Diet Center

HIMC Diet Center

Hazmieh International Medical Center offers the healthiest approach possible to satisfy the personal needs of its patients with its highly successful Diet Center. Weight loss therapy has a proven success with HIMC’s M.D Nutritionist. Expert weight loss advice is given to individuals in special cases such as pregnancy, before and after surgery, patients with high cholesterol levels, with high triglyceride levels, with high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disease and other illnesses that require nutrition as part of their treatment.

At the HIMC Diet Center, our medical nutritional therapist will make sure your personalized goals are reached by modifying certain aspects in your dietary lifestyle. The therapist will provide patients with a tailored weight loss program designed to balance blood sugar levels, strop food cravings, build muscle and balance the metabolism.

Finally, the Diet Center is integrated into this approach given the essentiality of the overall health and well-being of patients.