Laser Bleaching: Lasersmile and Beyond Polus (Certified Biolase Clinic)

HIMC Laser Bleaching

The laser bleaching procedure is a safe, pain free procedure that provides guaranteed and long lasting results. The laser bleaching method generally requires only one session. It is sometimes performed with the combination of 2 techniques- the Laser Bleaching and Home Bleaching- to achieve the best results.

The LaserSmile ™ teeth whitening system is created by Biolase Technology, Inc. In dental circles, the company is best known for creating the Waterlase ® dental laser. This teeth whitening system requires the use of their LaserSmileT diode laser that increases the efficiency of the whitening process.

The Beyond Polus is also a Teeth Whitening System that will have your teeth as naturally white as possible, in only one short 45 minute treatment.