Therapeutic Nutrition

At HIMC, we stress on modifying the eating behaviour of every patient, and help him/her consider “dieting” as a new lifestyle. We prepare each “Diet” according to the patient’s needs, preferences, and limitations; giving it the following characteristics and making it unique when compared to other approaches applied in other clinics:
  • Patients are being offered a choice of meal plans and food choices to meet their needs.
  • Realistic goals are set; helping the patient accept moderate and achievable expectations of weight loss, and the rate of weight loss per time interval.
  • A meal plan is tailored to fit the patient’s food habits and preferences, as well as meal timing, in order to make it satiating, and as close as possible to the daily meal patterns.
  • Behavioural modification is emphasized through teaching patients about food groups, healthy food choice, calorie counting, reading food labels, and eating out.
  • Body fat mobilisation is targeted through the combination of “Diet” and body shaping machines.  
  • Support being offered through a special emergency hot line.