Vaser High Definition

VASER is a modern, high performing, fast growing, and one of the top-rated FDA - approved techniques which has been used worldwide in the last few years for liposuction. VHD (high definition) is a new unique feature of this technique, which involves the sculpting of muscles and contouring in the area where the fat was removed, and Lebanon has become the first country to acquire it in the middle east area.

A 4-Dimension Liposculpture technique provides more natural looking results allowing for the natural movement of muscle groups.

VASER is a liposuction technique which works on ultrasound waves.

The VASER technique uses safe ultrasonic energy to emulsify fat while leaving surrounding tissue - such as nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue - relatively intact. By minimizing damage to other tissue, patients report highly satisfactory results, including smooth lines and very minimal bruises. Furthermore, the skin can be tightened as to leave no wrinkles or traces of earlier fat in the selected areas.

Great success has been seen in treating all body areas, including the abdomen, thighs, knees, buttocks, hips, back, arms, male breasts, love handles, chin and neck areas.
  • VASER offers the following features and advantages over other types of liposuction
  • VASER results are far better and more refined
  • VASER liposculpture is faster and easier than other traditional forms of liposuction
  • Up to 10 liters of fat can be removed from anywhere in the body
  • Suction is selective only on fat tissue
  • Fat is removed so precisely that it allows very specific, small areas to be targeted
  • Minimal bruising is involved, because the liposuction doesn’t touch the surrounding circulation, hence no bleeding occurs
  • Minimal pain is experienced, because the surrounding nerves are left intact
  • The skin is tightened and leaves no wrinkles or traces
  • The muscles are sculpted and showing (men can also greatly benefit)
  • Recovery time is less
  • The scarring is very minimal (4mm only)
The best candidate for VASER, like other types of liposuction, is a person who is not far from having a normal shape, but has a problem area that persists regardless of weight, dieting and level of physical activity.

Any person who has stubborn fats in a certain body area, including those who have been through an earlier liposuction can go for VASER Liposculture.

The only people who do not benefit are those who are very obese.