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Personalized Care

The HIMC hospital was specially designed with patients’ luxurious comfort and serenity in mind. In fact with its 2 deluxe suites, the hospital provides ultimate quality, service and individual attention. HIMC disposes of only 20 sumptuously decorated inpatient rooms with shades of blue, green and salmon for a vivid and bright post operative experience. Furthermore, to ensure ultimate safety, an entire intensive care unit is provided for each patient individually, equipped with a system monitor supervising the patient’s complete vital signs.

Pre-Post Operative Care

HIMC’s surgeons meet very stringent safety standards, serving patients with the greatest care. Safety standards are strictly maintained to protect patients at all times during their stay.

Many of the procedures carried out at HIMC are under local anesthetic as day cases or general anesthetic as complex day cases. In both situations, patients will receive full, written pre-operative instructions and will be discharged with a comprehensive set of post-operative directions to ensure utmost security.

Nabil E. Fadel, M.D.(our competent physician) is an Internal Medicine/Physician at St. Joseph University, Hotel Dieu de France Hospital in Beirut. He performs the pre-operative assessment and clearance of patients as well as the post-operative care and reanimation. In addition, he supervises and implements all universal precautions, medical protocols and infection control standards. He also coordinates with all departments and doctors for the safety and the well being of the patients.

Along with H.I.M.C. surgeons, patients are checked by the most competent anesthesiologists (Dr. Mirna Hanna, Dr. Lina Chidiac, Dr. Randa Azzi, Dr. Mireille Joumhouri). A cardiologist is always available in the hospital as well (Dr. Raymond Saad, Dr. Joseph Elias, Dr. Jamil Tannous).